Consulting & Qualification
Consulting & Qualification

We are steelmakers, thus we do consulting from steelmaker to steelmaker.

Consulting & Qualification

We are steelmakers, thus we do consulting from steelmaker to steelmaker.




We are steelmakers, thus we do consulting from steelmaker to steelmaker.  

BSE consultants represent the operational know-how of the Badische group with BSW as one of the world’s leading mini-mills regarding productivity, efficiency and costs plus the experience of more than 300 consulting projects worldwide.

BSE consulting & qualification services range from comprehensive know-how agreements (Mini-Mill Culture), training seminars for companies and individuals (Training & Academy), optimisation projects for specific steelmaking areas (Individual Package) to plant layout and business concepts (Conceptual Study).

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Know-how transfer from one of the world’s most successful mini-mills.   

The operational excellence of BSW – the mini-mill of the Badische Group – is the result of continuous investment and application of the "Badische Philosophy": skilled, motivated personnel provided with proper tools and assigned clear responsibility within a lean organisation.     

For more than 30 years, BSE has been implementing successfully this special mini-mill culture to various steelplants and rolling mills all over the world with comprehensive know-how agreements. These know-how agreements typically comprise diverse consulting and training services at customer site as well as at BSW serving as the main platform for know-how exchange and inspiration (show-how effect).



The implementation of the mini-mill culture is not limited to EAF and carbon steelmaking. Also steel plants using other raw material and metallurgical processes for different steel grades, including integrated mills, have been receiving consulting services from BSE. The know-how agreements with BSE have helped in optimising their productivity and efficiency by smart adaptation of selected method and technologies from mini-mills.  

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BSE has been performing several know-how agreements for rolling mills with long products range. Furthermore, BSE provides these consulting services also for wire processing plants utilising the experience of the downstream facilities’ network of the Badische Group. 

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The BSE Academy is a global „Steelmaking University“ offering comprehensive solutions for education, qualification and training displayed in educational components:

  • Customised training for groups
  • Classic seminars for groups


The BSE Academy aims to close the gap between general theoretical training (provided by schools) and specific equipment training (provided by OEM) in order to provide the essentials of day-to-day needs for efficient plant operation:

  • Impartment of theoretical knowledge and practical skills for steelmakers
  • Aiming for different levels of qualification and for everyone involved in steelmaking process
  • Seminars are conducted by steel industry experts with hands-on experiencefrom steelmaker to steelmaker
  • Understanding your needs with our extensive industry know-how and contact to most existing mini-mills in the world
  • Conducted in real steel plant atmosphere either at Badische Group production sites or customer site


7 training locations in and around 173,000 square meters of production area: Two electric arc furnaces, one bar mill and one wire rod mill with an output of more than 2 million metric tonnes per year.



Our team of experienced trainers will leave no question unanswered. Practitioners with decades of steelmaking experience are joined by a board of experts with up-to-date knowledge about all aspects of our field of business.


Classroom training with
BSE | BSW experts


Observation of BSW steel production


Teambuilding and leisure programme



This is where it all began: Steelmakers, operators and managers from all around the world visit BSW in Kehl to witness one of the world’s most efficient mini-mills in action. As part of our consulting contracts for mini-mill culture, our seminars not only provide a great learning experience but also an uplifting motivational “kick“ – looking over the top of the rim has already changed many people’s perception.

BSE conducts management seminars and operator & maintenance seminars for selected personnel of its customers at Badische group production sites in Kehl. The participants get general instructions in technology supplemented by practical hands-on training at BSW facilities and maintenance. The training programme can be modified in accordance with the customer’s requests. 

With more than 500 successfully executed training seminars and a track record of more than 6,000 participants from more than 30 countries, the idea of a ”global steelmaking village“ has long become vivid reality in Kehl.   

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BSE customised training is based on real-world applications and taught by steel industry experts. In addition, our flexible training ensures that you get exactly what you need, when you need it.   

BSE is the right partner to assist you in assessing the training needs of your employees, developing and organising a training programme according to your needs and executing the training either at our own training locations in and around the Badische Group production sites or at your location.  

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Highest productivity and cost efficiency in a steelplant happen when all influential key factors are perfectly adjusted. From logistics, operation and energy to organisation, maintenance and safety, BSE consulting packages and our experts will help you to get the most out of your steelmaking facility.   



The BSE Best Practice Study features a benchmarking analysis of key performance indicators and main cost figures. The anonymous comparison with other companies shows different levels of performance and clearly indicates potentials for improvement. Our experts help to specify these improvement potentials and to form them into concrete measures.   

Initial participation in the Best Practice Study is free of charge. Just send an E-Mail to and we will provide you with the respective documents.

BSE guarantees complete confidentiality of all your data.   



Reduction of power-on time and power-off time leads to an increase in productivity, efficiency and availability. BSW, the mini-mill of the Badische Group, is one of the world’s most productive steelmaking facilities. Based on this own operational experience, our experts help to optimise the processes in your steelplant, too:  

  • Process analysis and optimisation based on the status quo and realistic future perspectives
  • Evaluation and recommendations concerning the technical equipment and tools based on the status quo and realistic future perspectives
  • Implementation of clearly defined process standards
  • Identification and elimination of bottlenecks


Steel is made by people! 

Excellence in steelmaking is always the result of skilled, motivated people doing an excellent job within a lean organisation with clearly assigned responsibility. This ”Human Approach” is one of the main success factors of BSW mini-mill. Our experts help to apply it also in your plant:

  • Finding an optimum organisation
  • Creating an open and positive working environment
  • Forming of team spirit
  • Establishing a committed workforce


Logistics and material flow have a major impact on production and cost. From scrap to finished-products shipment, logistics provide enormous economic potential for every steelmaking plant:

  • Detailed analysis of all logistical processes in your plant
  • Bottleneck analysis
  • Computer simulation of present and future material flow
  • Evaluation of handling procedures and equipment
  • Definition of an appropriate plant layout design

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Energy is getting more expensive by the day, so reducing energy consumption is of top priority for every steelmaking plant. Rely on BSE’s multi-facetted energy expertise and let us help you to get the most out of the money spent for your electricity bill:

  • Investigation and layout of the entire electrical power supply
  • Optimisation of active power input through measurements
  • Investigation and optimisation of chemical energy reactions in the furnace
  • Optimisation of injection tools for oxygen and solid materials


Beside the main target of maintenance – to keep production going on – maintenance must ensure also highest equipment availability at lowest possible costs.

Based on the extensive maintenance experience at BSW mini-mill, our experts analyse the situation on site and elaborate measures to make also your maintenance effective and efficient: 

  • On-site investigation and analysis of all aspects of maintenance from strategy to downday planning and execution, definition of potentials, warehousing, risk assessment, reporting
  • Application of continuous improvement processes and method.


Many surveys point out that a motivated and skilled workforce is the no. 1 success factor for an efficient and safe steel production. At BSW mini-mill, people are given the status of an important performance factor, hence the safety management means not only following rules, but also to create a distinct safety awareness among the staff in order to prevent accidents before they happen.   

Our experts help to optimise your safety management by applying concepts proven at BSW and adapting it to your individual situation:

  • Increase of general safety awareness
  • Mutual elaboration of adequate safety guidelines
  • Providing method and finding technical solutions for accident prevention


Environmental regulations are getting more and more stringent, therefore it is very important to exactly know the environmental footprint of the plant and especially how to reduce the environmental impact. Decades of experience from our own mini-mill and from customers all over the world guarantee proven ideas and solutions, which can be implemented within short time also in your plant:

  • Less emissions to air, water and soil
  • Legal security through compliance with regulations
  • Improved acceptance by population living nearby as well as by the employees
  • Cost savings through integrated recycling concepts – sell what you may have dumped before

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  • Is it worthwhile to make a planned investment / acquisition?
  • How to optimise the costs in order to compete in a global environment?
  • What is the best product mix or customer mix in order to utilise the assets and optimise the profit?

BSE experts evaluate your individual situation and give specific recommendations based on the know-how of our own steelmaking production, a deep understanding of the global steel industry and with the help of analysing tools such as material flow simulations. Furthermore, BSE acts as a real steelmaking partner with all recommendations being fully independent from major equipment suppliers.



A thoroughly elaborated plant concept and layout avoid expensive mistakes upfront such as an exceeding initial investment or costly bottlenecks. BSE experts help you to find an optimum technical concept for your individual plant and market situation:  

  • Elaboration of a plant concept for highly productive and low cost operation
  • Evaluation of most suitable technology / review of investment plan
  • Determination of main equipment, major characteristic process data, consumption figures and costs of new / modified plant
  • Layout development based on material flow simulation
  • Development of a lean organisation for new / modified operation
  • Selection of equipment supplier to guarantee effective and efficient execution of specified investment projects
  • Summarising results in a fully developed feasibility study and / or in a business plan for project funding

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Knowing the real financial value of steelmaking facilities is essential for a sustainable investment strategy. Whether the steelmaking units are idle or running, BSE experts evaluate the actual assets on-site, set up different market scenarios and give specific recommendations for upcoming investment decisions:

  • Technical due diligence: Evaluation of equipment conditions, assessment of operational costs and plant performance
  • Strategy and market due diligence: Independent review of strategy and market assumptions


The right product on the right market for the right price – what sounds so simple is crucial for the success of any business. Let BSE help you to optimise your portfolio and find a tailor-made future strategy for your operation:

  • Development of a clear strategy based upon a detailed investigation of the business environment, the customer needs and the company's strengths and potentials
  • Detection of market opportunities and definition of a sound product mix for a sustainable company success
  • Meeting the stakeholders’ expectations through technical and strategic improvements by applying the expertise of the Badische group


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