We are steelmakers
We are steelmakers

Based upon more than 5 decades of operational experience, BSE offers a widespread range of services and products for efficient, successful steelmaking.    

We are steelmakers

Based upon more than 5 decades of operational experience, BSE offers a widespread range of services and products for efficient, successful steelmaking.    





Since 1983, the Badische Stahl-Engineering GmbH (BSE) has been acting as a service provider for increasing the efficiency and productivity in the electric steel industry worldwide.

BSE is a sister company of the Badische Stahlwerke GmbH (BSW) – one of the world’s most productive Electric Arc Furnace steel plants.

The unique partnership between BSW and BSE results in the fact that all products and services provided by BSE are based not on theory, but on more than 5 decades of own operational experience.



BSE is a part of the Badische Group, which is the market leader in production and distribution of reinforcing steel products in Germany. Badische Stahlwerke (BSW) as the unique steel making unit within the group is well-known worldwide for its operational efficiency and productivity. 

In the late 1960s, BSW started to produce reinforcement steel in Kehl / Germany with an installed capacity of 300,000 metric tonnes per year. Nowadays, BSW produces more than 2 million tonnes per year with virtually the same basic conditions.   

Many mini-mills have very similar equipment and material flow. But what has made BSW to one of the most efficient mini-mills of the world can be described to the point with the widely-known “Badische Philosophy”: Educated and well-trained people care for reliable equipment, and high productivity leading to low cost production.



“By engaging BSE’s services we know what we get (…) just because the commitment of their staff is unique and leads always to deliver the promises.”
- AnnJoo Steel / Malaysia

"For you, we open all our doors. We do it because your ambition to work has been impressing. Thank you everyone from BSW and BSE for your professional work."
- Ovako / Sweden

"We were very pleased with the executed project, fast respond times and value of experts. The guys have been working very hard to guarantee a fast start-up and very short stoppage.”
- NatSteel / Singapore

“Very professional and fine young engineers from Badische Group, […] they made a great job”
- Steel of West Virginia / USA

“Due to continuous improvements in the technical area as well as on the motivation and organizational part, we are making steady progress in the development of the meltshop.”
- Hellenic Halyvourgia / Greece 

"With the help of BSE, we have managed to transform our general engineers into steel plant engineers”
- AnnJoo Steel / Malaysia

"Thank you for the opportunity to visit your plant. The transfer of ideas and friendship were very efficient! The first group will not be the last!"
- Scaw Metals / Republic of South Africa 



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